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AFYBA Unveils Fresh Leadership, a Revitalized Digital Presence and Visionary Programs

AFYBA, the American Friends of Yeshivot and Ulpanot of Bnei Akiva, has recently undergone a rebranding effort, unveiled visionary programs, and welcomed its new executive director, Jack Gourdji. AFYBA’s mission has remained steadfast since its founding in 1939 by Rabbi Moshe Zvi Neria, to oversee a network of religious institutions that provide a comprehensive education to approximately 24,000 religious students every year. AFYBA’s network consists of 70 institutional branches that champion excellence in education, inclusivity, and democratic values. AFYBA’s executive team is made up of Moshe Berniker, Rav Shlomo Kimche, Ari Raskas, and the newly appointed executive director Jack Gourdji. Together they aim to promote AFYBA’s vision and mission effectively, create meaningful impact, and educate supporters of Israel and students alike.

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