About Us

The Yeshivot and Ulpanot of Bnei Akiva -Make up the leading religious Zionist educational network in Israel.

Our Story

AFYBA’S history began in 1939, when Rabbi Moshe Zvi Neria, student of Rav Avraham Yitzchok HaCohen Kook and future Israel Prize winner, went to Kfar Haroeh to create a new kind of yeshiva high school. Over the next 80 years, AFYBA blossomed into a network of 70 institutions – Yeshivot, Ulpanot, Hesder and Pre-Military Academies – that span the entire length and width of Israel.

AFYBA graduates go on to proudly serve Israel.

Many attend AFYBA’s hesder yeshivot, join elite IDF combat units or volunteer for Sherut Leumi, Israel’s National Service Corps. Our graduates continue their educational pursuits with college acceptance levels well above the national average. AFYBA’s 100,000 alumni have already made a tremendous impact on Israel and the world while remaining true to their Torah heritage. Our graduates are leaders in every economic, academic, and professional sector of Israeli society and form the foundation of many great institutions beyond our network.

AFYBA educates 24,000 religious Zionist students annually.

AFYBA’s curricula stimulate intellectual curiosity in all fields including Limudei Kodesh, secular studies, arts and science. Our schools are regularly cited at the national level for academic excellence and maintain an open enrollment policy – no child is turned away due to an inability to meet tuition costs. AFYBA has also been a pioneer in achieving successful integration of students who have made Aliyah from Russia, Ethiopia, India, North America, Europe, South Africa and Australia.