Our Programs



The programs at AFYBA prepare students to become leaders in Torah, science, medicine, and the humanities with innovative programs that foster strong values, leadership skills and a spirit of volunteering.



In 2018, we piloted a multidisciplinary program in 10 of our schools that strengthens our students' religious Zionist moral identity. This program is accredited by Misrad HaChinuch as an approved content area on the bagriut (matriculation exam). Within the framework of this program, we conduct experiential activities, take trips and offer dynamic lectures that connect students to core religious Zionist values. Our goal is to imbue students with a deep love of Israel that inspires them to develop moral leadership, a pioneering spirit and stand out for their contributions to the Jewish nation.



We offer robotics programs that combine fun, learning and opportunity. Students build robots while delving into sophisticated topics including coding, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our robotics labs provide more than just abstract learning: in addition to gaining concrete engineering skills, students participate in robotics competition. Several of our schools, including Yeshivat Modiin, Yeshivat Ranaana and Yeshivat HaDarom have won prestigious robotics competitions. In 2018, Yeshivat Modiin won second place in the First Lego League International Competition held in Europe. In keeping with AFYBA’s values, our robotics programs emphasize the value of giving. In our labs, students also refurbish old computers and donate them to students from needy families.

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Environmental Education

Two of our schools, Yeshivat Sussya and Ulpanat Arad, are schools for environmental education. Each school boasts a unique program that focuses on environmental awareness, sustainability, and green education.
The school campuses are green campuses, designed to conserve water, electricity, and lighting. As a key component of the curriculum, students interact with and contribute to the environment. At Yeshivat Sussya, students spend every Friday hiking throughout Israel. These hikes are part an experiential learning process that encompasses earth science, ecology, zoology, botany, and archeology. These conservation values are taught through a Torah lens, with an emphasis on taking care of the environment, the land of Israel and natural resources.

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Torah Lishmah

In 2006, AFYBA challenged students to increase Torah study—during their own free time! Each year, hundreds of students from our yeshivot and ulpanot join this optional program and study more than 50 pages of text and commentaries during recess and lunch periods, often learning with their teachers. Participants attend an annual conference and are presented with a set of sefarim in acknowledgment of their achievement. On a deeper level, this conference honors students who have internalized AFYBA’s values andexhibit a dedication to spiritual growth.

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Space Science

Many Mercaz Yeshivot & Ulpanot Bnei Akiva schools offer elective courses in space science. Students study astronomy and participate in projects that involve both research and laboratory work. As part of these programs, Mercaz Yeshivot & Ulpanot Bnei Akiva students have built and launched high-altitude balloons and nanosatellites. To foster collaboration and deepen our students' connection to astronomy, students participate in science conferences and competitions. Mercaz Yeshivot & Ulpanot Bnei Akiva students have visited the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland and have won numerous competitions, including the Ilan Ramon Space Olympiad.

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Music and Dance

Students who want to develop and nurture their talents for music and dance while receiving a high-level Torah education attend Ulpanat Shirat HaYam for girls and Yeshivat Kinor David for boys.
At these schools, the core curriculum includes: music theory, mastery of a musical instrument and dance skills. Trained instructors teach classes and each school is equipped with a sound system and music room. In addition to these schools for music, all schools offer elective music classes, including choir. These programs allow students to internalize a core AFYBA philosophy: that talents are gifts that color the landscape of physically and spiritually healthy students.
Vocational Training
Several of our mechinot (pre-army programs) provide students with vocational training opportunities. Students can devote themselves to Torah learning, complete missing bagrut (matriculation) requirements, prepare for IDF service…and complete vocational training courses!

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Vocational Training

Several of our mechinot (pre-army programs) provide students with vocational training opportunities. Students can devote themselves to Torah learning, complete missing bagrut (matriculation) requirements, prepare for IDF service…and complete vocational training courses! One of our mechinot, Mechinat AFYBA Or Me'ophir, is a four-year post-high school program for students of Ethiopian descent that combines Torah learning, IDF service and vocational training in the field of electrical engineering. Upon completion of the program, students are equipped with the training they need to find employment.



All AFYBA schools invest in tiyulim that connect students to the land of Israel while building a sense of community. Students visit historic sites that deepen their understanding of their heritage, go on overnight camping trips, and even learn wilderness survival skills. Students also travel outside of Israel with their classmates to participate in science competitions. Specialized trips take place towards the end of high school when the majority of AFYBA students visit Europe with their teachers to learn more about the Holocaust. Many AFYBA students also tour Israel to learn about the history and customs of Israeli communities. These tours are part of a course that promotes unity among Israeli students by highlighting the common values shared among diverse communities.