AFYBA continues to lead in providing vital support; over 100 Americans witness activity firsthand in Israel

The on-ground visits in Israel provided visiting Americans with a unique opportunity to connect with Israeli families enduring immense hardships, ensuring they do not feel isolated during these trying times.
The Posner family from Woodmere, N.Y., and the Wiesel family from Edison, N.J., packing oranges in Pa'amei Tashaz, Israel. Photo courtesy of AFYBA.

American Friends of Yeshivot Bnei Akiva (AFYBA),  reaffirms its steadfast dedication to the critical initiative: “AFYBA Supports War Efforts in Israel.” This movement remains resolute in fortifying the nation amidst challenging times, standing unwaveringly in solidarity with Israel. Recently, AFYBA orchestrated a special mission experience for Americans visiting Israel, amplifying awareness and fostering support for its impactful endeavors.

AFYBA hosted two one-day events, epitomizing values such as solidarity, brotherhood, and Ahavat Yisrael. These events aimed to showcase AFYBA’s profound care for Soldiers, Bnei Akiva students and staff, the wounded, hospital personnel, and evacuated residents from border cities. Over 100 individuals from the United States actively participated in these events, demonstrating solidarity with AFYBA’s mission and gaining firsthand insight into the pivotal work underway.

Jack Gourdji, Executive Director of AFYBA, expressed, “It is my sincere hope that those who joined this mission returned to the USA as personal witnesses of Israel’s current situation, fostering a stronger connection with the AFYBA family in our efforts to help.” He added, “This trip and our continued AFYBA efforts in Israel have been warmly embraced by U.S. citizens, and we are deeply grateful for the overwhelming support received.”

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